Yeah – I gave myself 5 stars

It’s true, and I’m not the least bit ashamed. If I had to guess – the only reason no one else has voted my literary brilliance 5-star quality is because in actuality it’s closer to 10-star work and you’d hate to dog out The Steve like that. I agree – but we have to play within the rules of the system – so if 5 is all I’m allowed – go ahead and give me 5.

And feel free to use the comment section to shower me with adoration. I generally refrain from engaging in comment threads – I’m more of a voyeur, a passive participant judging from a distance. I’ll occasionally hit someone with a “” or  “” to note my approval level of a comment, but beyond that, I try no to get involved.

In fact, the only time I ever decided to get into it was with a reporter from the Journal Sentinel On-Line who drew my ire by bad mouthing Brett Favre. The Packers were in suck mode – the Jet’s were winning – it was all I had at the time (a very sad time indeed) and I came home to some junk article about why Jet Favre wasn’t responsible for the turnaround. I didn’t like what I was reading, and so I let her know about it.

In calling her a “grinchy bastard” and a “wet-blanket award winner” – I seemed to have let my emotions get the best of me, and vowed to never again engage in such useless chatter. I also apologized – after she sent me multiple emails telling me not to write mean things to her because “I was probably drunk on eggnog from some holiday party and probably hadn’t even read the whole article.”


Back to my original point — big upping myself. I’m good with it, and you should be too.  In the words of Charlie Murphy playing Buc Nasty on the Chappelle Show- “Clap for me Bitch.”

It’s not so much that my ego needs the boost… it’s pretty healthy despite the awkward silence I encountered upon asking a couple co-workers what they though of my previous posts. Said Alex: “Maybe you should have someone else read it. They might think it’s funny.” What a jerk. I made her subscribe as punishment/reeducation for her crappy sense of humor.

I just recognize a good piece of writing when I read one – which I did numerous times after self publishing my own work. If I had to guess, most people start their own fan clubs right? – Or at least convince someone else to do it. So let’s get this ball rolling. Is it on me, or do I have a volunteer? I’m totally down to sign autographed pictures, respond to mail, etc.

For now, the comment section will have to do. Make them good. I’ll be watching you.

Love – The Steve (that’s an order)


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3 Responses to Yeah – I gave myself 5 stars

  1. Mikie says:

    Does No Comment count as a comment?

  2. Sula says:

    Laughs/giggles/chuckles. I am entertained.

    Lmao @ Mikie too.

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