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3 Years Later

Well, Mom – it’s been three years and we still miss you. For some reason, Lucy decided to pull out the book with your recorded voice reading “Twinkle Twinkle”, and well, shit — it was tough, but nice to hear … Continue reading

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While You Were Gone… (An Apology of Sorts)

  Dearest Marie (my wife), Let me start by saying, you know I love you, right? Cause I do- like more than most people love most everything, even the stuff they love the most. You mean that much to me. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, to Me!

“Well, well, well… what do we have here?” you ask yourself, as your face lights up by the news of a Big Avocado Blog in your inbox/ Facebook feed. “This lazy shit finally wrote something.” Isn’t it just like Steve … Continue reading

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Me, Myself and I

I know this crazy scientist. He thinks I’m pretty cool and asked if I’d like to try out his time traveling device. I said, “Doc – I have absolutely nothing to do. No job. No need for a nap (just … Continue reading

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Fuzzy sleep lines cloud my vision. Sound muffles out. I’m about to sleep. And then- Mom: STEPHEN! Me: Holy shit, MOM?! Mom: Oh, my sweet favoritest little angel, I’ve missed you so much. How are you? Me: Hold on. I’ve … Continue reading

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Running Sucks

Sometimes I try to get clever with my blog titles, but this one is pretty straightforward—running sucks. A few days ago I boastfully announced to the world that I would be running a half-marathon, and yesterday was the big day. … Continue reading

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Running Man

I’m running in a marathon on Sunday. Well, I’m running the second half of a marathon, to be exact. And the coolest part about running a half-marathon is telling everyone that you’re running in a half-marathon. Me: “Yeah, I’d love … Continue reading

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